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New IP

TehDrMannai a posted Feb 5, 15

The Server IP Changed to

SyberianKitten a Whoever did the background screenie of the website, jesus it looks so fucked on a 27"... i just feel like poking ou ...
djvas90 I can't get in. it say's FML:pixelmon not found or something like that. And it only accepts minecraft version 1.7.10 or ...
skip999 What version of the pack do I use? And which variant of the minecraft version too

RageMC - The Rising....

SyberianKitten a posted Nov 22, 14  -  communityfreefunmoddedmodpackplayrageragemcragetechserverstaffvanilla
Heya so I like totally have no time to think up nice posts and so on... lets just say RageMC is back! Yeah baby thats right, the legendary RageTech modpack and all that is back in action!

Now to the serious part... we need any help we can get on stuffs.. so feel free to contact me via skype @Syberian.Kitten
ofc I'm not always on but I'll answer as soon as I see your message :)

We need: Bulders, Mods, Admins, Modders, just fun and inspiring people with great ideas!
william3498 The memories... I might get back into Minecraft, I added you on Skype.
Bbuutteerrzz Go home Sybe you're drunk.

Technical Mishaps

Ginge1756 a posted Oct 18, 14
Hey guys as you may know were having a Alot few issues with the server, main issue being the OS it self, so we are focused on Having a brewski backing up all our data and re-installing the OS.

Considering the technical difficulty in this please expect a little down time. If I was to give my ETA looking at around 17 - 28 Hours from NOW. We ain't gonna rush this, were going to take out time and make sure its done correctly.

We are gonna be busy updating the server and fixing in In the meantime we ask that you use for communications and if we have any further developments they will appear here.

Head Server Admin.
Duumias Fixes are still in the works. Things work then other things do not so Mannai is doing his best to find that elusive midd ...
Bahamut_Zeta Any updates?