Up and Running!

SyberianKitten a posted Mon at 0:42
Before you start, yeah yeah its not ragetech, well... no comments on that.

So, here it is, the new and fresh server/modpack: PixelRage!!!
Join in, run around, battle, levelup, examine, trade, play and catch em all!

Note: Server is in its early dev stage, there is alot planned for it.
Modpack is also in early dev, more mods will be added later.

Note2Donators: Dont yell at me that you dont have your ranks, the ranks are just not added yet :(
Will be fixed asap when I have time.
...almost forgot!
To get on and have fun, you will need to point your cursor up on "Downloads" and click "Modpack from Technic", I bet you know how to do the rest rite?

OR just for the lazy ones:

And the lvl85 lazyness: (just copy this into your technic client)
Modpack direct link: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/pixelrage

P.S. Ofc your feedback is much appreciated and I am looking for staff on this new awesome server! Message me via built in mailing system, OR add me in skype: Syberian.Kitten